spruce beams in Parma

At Fratelli Cremona, we offer both solid spruce and bilam elements. The types vary, comprising of trusses and beams in large dimensions.

Bilam beams are made by joining two beams and this process allows you to create an element that is almost like solid wood, but devoid of the normal cracks, with excellent aesthetic results.

Four strand kiln-dried trusses are also available, which create perfect and non-deformable constructions.

The standard sizes available in stock are:

  • 8 X 10
  • 10 X 12
  • 12 X 15
  • 20 X 25
  • 25 X 30
  • 34 x 40
  • 40 X 45.


At Fratelli Cremona, we carry out processes according to our customers' requests, also including the supply of composite structures, with the delivery of trusses that are pre-assembled or assembled on-site.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our workers, it is possible to couple beams to increase lights and sections, or to realise reinforcement on the longitudinal beams with steel bars to increase their reach and avoid the phenomenon of "creep" with marked arrows that negatively affect the aesthetics of the structures.

We also supply beams and studs for the construction of mixed structure composed of "wood and concrete".

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