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The history of the Fratelli Cremona company began in 1951 and just like then, today we offer services aimed at meeting all of our customer's needs in the field of timber and parquet flooring.

Our company has been working in the timber industry for several generations, placing emphasis on the ever-growing needs of our customers. We benefit from extensive experience in the processing and marketing of wood.

The company caters to big businesses and private customers, offering elegant floors that give home furniture a more European touch and makes a change from the more commonly used stone. At Fratelli Cremona, we operate in a workspace of ‚Äč‚Äčover 20,000 square metres, offering our customers a wide assortment of goods in stock which are available for immediate delivery.

Equipped with modern facilities, our company's technical experts carry out specific manufacturing processes and market semi-finished products from the best selected foreign companies, in different sizes and sections, also customised or according to non-standardised measurements.

Our warehouse houses imported products which are great quality and value and are suitable for processing of all types.


More and more customers choose parquet and laminate flooring because wood is practical, safe and perfectly adaptable to use in any environment or condition. In addition, wooden solutions are often more effective, economic and environmentally friendly compared to a common reinforced concrete structure. At Fratelli Cremona, we specialise in the sale of elements for roofs, trusses and boards in oak, poplar, spruce and other tree types.


  • Our company, which boasts a large woodworking workshop, manufactures and markets:
  • Trusses
  • Boards
  • Elements for roofs
  • Wood flooring
  • Carpentry business
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