Structural elements made of oak are among our strengths at Fratelli Cremona: from planks, to studs and beams, all ready in stock in the sizes displayed in the table on this page.

Timber with a good level of seasoning and characterised by excellent quality despite its size.

The beams, prepared at the place of origin according to the orders placed, begin with on-site outdoor seasoning at the place of production, and are then stored in large sheds where, properly stacked and decked, they can proceed with drying without the risk of deformation. This process takes about two years.

The beams can reach lengths of 15 m and can adapt to any construction needs, both in the field of restoration as well as the construction of modern buildings.

At Fratelli Cremona, we produce customised beams to meet the needs of our customers and we also have laminated oak beams and chestnut boards available in stock.


Available in the warehouse

  • 10 X 12
  • 12 X 15
  • 15 X 20
  • 20 X 25
  • 25 X 30
  • 30 X 35
  • 34 x 40
  • 40 X 45.

As well as special measurements at the request of our customers.

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