timber for roofs and mezzanine floors

As well as being strong and robust, wooden roofs have always conferred a warm and cosy feeling and a very pleasant aesthetic impact. Constructing a wooden roof that combines beauty and safety is not simple and it is therefore very important to rely on the most experienced companies in the market to be sure:

  • ecological wood
  • beams for mezzanine floors
  • beams for arbours

For years at Fratelli Cremona, we have been concerned with making beautiful and durable wooden roofs, with unique characteristics and an elevated level of thermal insulation and soundproofing. Professional and expert installation of the best solid wood and laminated timber for construction on the market.

At Fratelli Cremona, we import the best timber from around the world, including tropical wood types and the best articles for building on the market, such as products from the brands ABC Spax, Carver, Kaufmann and Klober.

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